Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Challenge Regensburg

Well preparing, racing and recovering internationally has definitely changed with having a baby.  There were definitely some challenges leading up to the race but the biggest was the night before the race.  For some reason Anja just wouldn't go to sleep, no matter whether it was her bed, my bed, in my arms walking around, sitting down, nothing!  She was fed, clean, etc etc but nothing was working.  By midnight i was absolutely exhausted and starting to doubt if i could make the start line.  My angel Carola who was staying in same room as us (poor girl), then took her for a midnight stroll so that i could try sleep.  You would think it would be easy then but i couldn't.  The mind was racing and stressing over whether i would even have enough energy to start in the morning, and i was worried that i shouldn't be leaving her as she seemed so distressed.  When the alarm went off at 3.30am i reckon i had about an hours sleep and was feeling even worse than before i went to sleep.  I was still debating starting.  I left the hotel room and went downstairs to try have some breakfast.  I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks though from pure exhaustion.  With the help of my coach,  Glen and friends i decided to try put everything behind me and get ready to do an ironman in a couple of hours!  Wise words from my good friend Cheryl…"Sleep when you die" :)

So off to the race start with Thomas.  I was so lucky to have the Baums with me in Regensburg.  With Glen having to stay home in New Zealand and work there was no way i would of been able to do this race with out them.  I am forever grateful for my second family :)  Cant wait for them to come to New Zealand in February to show them around.  Once i got to transition one and sorted my bike etc i was actually starting to feel more relaxed and not so worried about how exhausted i was feeling.  I did a warm up swim and was ready to go.  The venue was spectacular and there were lots of spectators to cheer us on.  I found the swim start a little crazy with a few groups starting at the same time and all trying to bash their way to the front.  I lost contact with the people i was trying to swim with but wasn't too worried.  I was out of the water in 4th or 5th place and on to the bike - my favourite part of the race.

The bike course suited me, there was a little wind and many hills.  It was my first time racing with heart rate and a power meter so i was a little nervous about that as i knew if i stuck to the plan i would most likely be biking easier than i usually would.  I made a decision to do this though as because of my challenging preparation for this race and lack of fitness it was a good chance to test everything out, get some good data and try and enjoy the race :)  I made my way up to 3rd position on the bike fairly easy, but noticed my power numbers creeping up a little high.  It was tough to stay on plan with many hills in the first section of the race.  It became even more mentally tough when girls i had rode up to then rode away from me.  Their pace wasn't too hard but i was trying so hard not to get wrapped up in usual race mode.  There was also the standard of guys passing and drafting causing me to slow down so that i was still riding legally.  All this caused me to slip back to 6th on the bike.  But i REALLY enjoyed the bike.  I never felt exhausted, i never had that feeling of wishing it to end and i barely got up off my seat on any of the hills.  Its the first time i have gotten off the bike with a very fresh feeling in the legs.  Sure i rode slower than i would of liked and than i am probably capable of at the moment, but using these new racing tools is all new to me and i was happy to go with the flow.  I also ABSOLUTELY loved my new Profile Design hydration system.  It was so easy to drink from and i reckon i took in more fluids because of the ease factor.  Also great position for my bike computer and a few snacks :) Perfect.

On to the run i was pretty excited.  The legs felt great, and my sore knee from earlier in the week wasn't a problem.  The run course although mostly flat wasn't that fast.  It had so many twists and turns and many different surfaces to run on including a couple of km's of cobblestone on each of the 4 laps which in fact you ended up on a 5th time to the finish.  It was the best bit though with the crowds that helped push you on.  The first lap i felt great and thought i was going to end up with a pretty good marathon time - this being one of the goals of biking slower.  By 15km though i was absolutely cooking.  It was so hot and there was barely any shade.  It was so frustrating as the lungs felt fine and so did the legs but i was melting.  I had to then walk through each aid station grabbing as much fluid as i could to survive to the next one 2km a way.  It was crazy how dehydrated i was feeling but maybe with everything that had gone on race week i was already dehydrated before i started the race.  I have never pee'd so much in my life though.  Think i must of gone about 20 times on the run.  The other highlight on the run was seeing my wee Anja out on the run course.  She was so happy and looked like she was having the best time.  A huge sigh of relief knowing she was ok and that i was going to make the finish line.


Finally i reached the finish line in 10.09 something.  Not my best time but no where near my worst either.  To be honest i didn't even look up at the clock as i finished and was so happy after finishing regardless of time or place.  To reach the finish after seriously debating if i could start was an awesome feeling.  I hope i have inspired others to reach their goals and know that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

After the race was over there was the usual drug testing scenario which i thought would be a breeze considering how many times i had already needed to pee!  But way over 2 awkward hours later and a lot of forced drinking i finally managed the 90mls required to hand over!

Super excited to get back in to training when i head back to New Zealand next week.  But for now a relaxing week with Anja and the Baums in my second home Germany :)

MASSIVE CONGRATS to Julia, Erika and Silvia for the podium :)

HUGE thanks to Sonja and Thomas Tajsich and their crew at Challenge Regensburg for putting on an amazing race that i hope to return to.

To all my sponsors and especially NEW WORLD CENTRE CITY (DUNEDIN) for making it possible to race.  I am always so grateful for being able to continue competing in the sport i love.

Bevan - thanks for showing me a new way to race, and i hope my numbers didn't go too much higher than they were meant to :) haha

Cheers Tams

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Time for a change

9 weeks ago i competed at the Ironman Asia Pacific Champs in Cairns.  I was hoping for a really solid race and to easily go under 10hours but it wasn't to be.  From about half way through the swim until the finish i was vomiting.  I couldn't keep down any nutrition and spent the whole day wondering whether i should continue.  As the day went on i got slower and slower and the marathon was an absolute grovel.  Many things could of contributed to the race going the way it did.  My training hadn't been that flash leading up to the event, the swim was really rough and it was way too hot to be swimming in a wetsuit, plus the vomiting wasn't helping my day at all!  I somehow made it to the finish line though and finished up as 8th pro female.

Coming back home i started to have a big think about whether i really wanted to continue with the long distance racing.  It was the first time i had been away from Anja since she was born and i didn't want to travel again with out her.  I decided that i needed a change in direction, to spark the motivation back and continue on in the sport with enjoyment.  With that said i decided to part ways with my coach of 5 years, Keegan Williams.  I have to say a MASSIVE thanks to Keegan as i loved having him as a coach.  I learnt so much about training and racing from him and the passion he has for the sport.  He really was such a huge help to my training and racing since i started long distance triathlon in 2011.  I am not sure how much longer i will be up for continuing racing long distance BUT i hope it is for at least another 5years.  So i am now under the guidance of Bevan McKinnon at Fitter.  I am really enjoying the training so far.

So next up is Challenge Regensburg tomorrow.  Its been a huge trip over for Anja and myself and not the best build up back home with illness, but i love Germany and can't wait to get out there tomorrow and rip up the course.  Many people thought i was crazy traveling all this way by myself with a baby but there wasn't really any other choice.  I love triathlon and i love Anja so i made it work.  Its been a rough race week with a bit of a sore leg and Anja having a crook butt (constipation!) but i will give it my all tomorrow and am excited to see how i will shape up.

Huge thanks to my PRIMARY SPONSOR NEW WORLD CENTRE CITY (DUNEDIN), such an awesome supermarket with so much choice and variety, especially when you are trying to eat healthy and fuel for sport.
Smashfest Queen
Cycleworld Dunedin
Profile Design
Kinetic Health
AloeUp Sun and Skincare

and supporters
Blue Seventy
Specialized New Zealand
GU energy
New Balance New Zealand

and lastly Bevan at Fitter for taking me onboard and all my friends and family for supporting me :)

See you on the other side

Monday, May 16, 2016

2 weeks post Ironman Australia

I thought it was about time i put a few words on paper post my first Ironman back since having Anja.  Since i am still crook and have barely been able to exercise there is no better time to reflect on what i achieved a couple of weeks ago.

A few days out from Ironman Australia, Glen Anja and I packed up A LOT of gear and travelled across the ditch to Port Macquarie.   It was Anjas first experience flying so i had my fingers crossed she was going to travel ok.  In tow on our flights we also had Craig and Janice who i had convinced to enter the 70.3 so i was hoping everyone was going to have a great trip.  They probably didn't realise when they signed up that they would be helping us lug gear through airports.  I had no idea just how much extra stuff you need when traveling with a baby although I'm sure with each trip we can downsize it.  For the most part Anja enjoyed the flights and we finally arrived in Port Macquarie.  Maggie and Staff Hurlston were waiting at the airport to collect us.  Each time i head over i seem to bring someone else with me so i am always so grateful for their hospitality.

I had very mixed feelings about this race.  I knew that my training hadn't gone as well as when i was preparing for Challenge Wanaka at the start of the year and was feeling like i didn't have enough big sessions in the legs (and arms) to get me through!  After a few stern words from Keegan and completing my taper sessions i was ready to go.  More than anything i was excited and so grateful for the opportunity to be on the start line of another ironman and it was largely thanks to my primary sponsor NEW WORLD CENTRE CITY (Dunedin Central) for getting me to the race.  Otherwise i don't think i would be able to be on the start line again so quick.

Race morning i had the usual nerves and queasy tummy which was actually a blessing as i took it as a sign i was ready to race.  I was a little nervous being away from Anja all day as it was going to be our longest time apart.  Glen and Maggie had things under control though and i knew she would have a fun day.

With a couple of people withdrawing from the race before the start there was only 11 of us at the swim start.  Every one took off so fast i was sure i was last, and i pretty much was.  I was thinking this will teach me for missing too many swim sessions.  Its true your body has some muscle memory but after barely exercising through my pregnancy and not enough sessions before this race the only memory my muscles were feeling was it was going to be a hard day.  But i love tough races.  Its why i keep entering and it motivates me for the next one.  I never felt as though i took the pressure off around the swim course apart from a couple of stops to try work out where we were going as the kayakers instructions of what side of the buoys to go around were very different to the briefing we had been given on land!  Out of the water and running to my bike race time was already well over an hour! OMG i must of swam over an hour.  1.01 in fact.  Considering last time i raced here in 2014 i swam 55mins it was a little shock to the system.  Hopefully the swim was a little long otherwise i literally swam slower than a couple of easy swims during the week :)

On to the bike i was feeling pretty good and excited about my favorite discipline.  I am loving my new Profile Design bar set up and it made me feel confident that although i didn't have a lot of long sessions behind me i was going to be comfortable.  I passed a couple of girls with in the first couple of kms.  Apart from that my bike position didn't change much for the rest of the 180km.  I knew Mel Burke was a couple of minutes behind me from the beginning and i expected her to whizz past me for the whole ride but it only happened around 175km so i was pretty happy with that.  The bike ride was pretty uneventful for the first 90km until it absolutely poured down half way and then it was just a soaking slippery mess and i was glad to stay up right and avoid any punctures.  For the second half of the ride but legs definitely started to remember that they weren't ironman fit and any time i tried to get a bit of relief up off the saddle on the climbs i virtually collapsed back on the seat.

(Photo cred - Rob Sheeley)

Hopping off my bike and running to get my run gear bag i knew my legs were TOAST.  I was hoping a miracle was going to happen once my feet got in some shoes.  Not much changed as i started off on the marathon apart from the fact that my legs already felt as though they were at 35km rather than 0.5km.  Oh well it surely couldn't get any worse.  I was sure i was plodding and looking rather funny but i was so happy to be running and racing.  Each lap when i ran up the hill it felt like i was just bouncing on the spot.  A few things got me through that run - the faster i got it done the quicker i got to see Glen and Anja, walking was only going to lead to taking longer and more time to think about pulling the pin SO KEEP RUNNING, if i DNF i would feel totally crap SO KEEP RUNNING, lastly i was so busting but didn't want to stop for the toilet yet couldn't seem to go while running either so the whole run i had this uncomfortable busting feeling…SO KEEP RUNNING then you can use the toilet….finally i was able to go while running at 37km :) haha better late than never.  It poured down for most of the run and got muddier and muddier.  Making sure i didn't twist an ankle in all the holes full of water was a great distraction from the constant pain of cramp in my legs.  I managed to pass one more pro at around 38km which never really happens to me so that was an added bonus.  Crossing that finish line was the best feeling knowing i had someone got through an ironman on very little training.  I ended up 5th with a time of 10.06.  Not my fastest ironman but also not my slowest.  It just goes to show that such a big part of ironman racing is mental (the training definitely helps though!) and that if you set your mind to something you WILL get through it.

(Photo cred - Rob Sheeley)

The recovery has been a bit frustrating.  One whole week of barely being able to walk which is the longest its ever taken me to get my legs back and then this past week Anja and i have been crook.  I am hoping i am through the worst of it as its 4 weeks until Ironman Cairns which is going to be a massive event being the new Asia Pacific Championships.  I really want to be able to give it my all over the next 4 weeks and go in to the next ironman improving my time, feeling fitter and thanking my sponsors and supporters for believing in me and helping me get to another start line.

A huge thanks goes out to Glen for traveling over to Australia with Anja and I, the Hurlston's for once again putting us up and Craig and Janice for being my primary sponsors with NEW WORLD CENTE CITY and for coming over and racing.  Hopefully we can find lots more fun events to do together.  They both had awesome races in the 70.3 despite Craig getting an ear infection and leg injury before the race and then a hand full of Kinna spikes in the swim! Talk about bad luck!

Also thank you to
Keegan Williams at Vo2Coaching
CycleWorld Dunedin
Profile Design
Smashfest Queen
Kinetic Health
Aloe Up Sun and Skincare

and supporters
Specialized, Blue Seventy, New Balance and GU energy

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Challenge Wanaka - NOT "just a race!"

Well Challenge Wanaka didn't turn out like any of the scenarios that played out in my head!
I had a pretty good build up with 2 good months back training, with 3 little races thrown in.  The Lake Hayes sprint tri, Cromwell sprint tri and the Wanaka Sovereign Olympic distance tri coming 3rd in all 3.  I didn't think i had the fitness for a full ironman yet leading in to the race but i knew i had more than 100% passion and motivation to get to the start and finish line of Challenge Wanaka.
With Smashfest Queen, Profile Design and Blue Seventy recently coming on board i knew i had the best of the best gear and everything had been feeling great in training.
(Photo - Hillary, Smashfest Queen)

(Photo - Hillary, Smashfest Queen)

So race morning started off by waking up to the sound of gale force winds.  I had a smile on my face and thought the harder the day the better i would probably be able to race.  With tough weather conditions i knew i wouldn't be worried so much with what speed i was doing, as i would be trying to race strong rather than fast.  Lining up for the swim we were all trying to work out where to go as the big corner buoys kept shifting off course.  While the team tried to sort out the swim course we had a 10-15min delayed start.  I wasn't bothered.  It was cold and windy but i knew we would sure enough be off soon.  As the gun went off i stumbled and fell over while everyone else was running in to the water.  How embarrassing!  As if i needed to give anyone a head start.  I remember being at the very back of the field until the first turn buoy.  Towards the end of the first lap i caught a group of 3, 2 pro females and a male.  Instead of settling in behind them silly me thought i was swimming faster and knew better and went around them.  Well i went way off course and they left me for dust.

Out on to the bike the fun was about to begin.  Hillary was on the sidelines letting me know i was in 8th place and there were 2girls within 90secs.  Stupid me, those were the 2 that i could of started the bike with if i had swam a better course.  I set off to see who i could pull in.  It didn't take me too long to pass Rachel and Julia on the way out to hospital flat.  I was surprised as i thought i was riding the slowest i had even ridden out there and then was even more surprised to turn in to what felt like a head wind on the way back.  I knew Simone was behind me riding like she stole it but i was having fun and the thought of her catching me didn't worry me as if it wasn't on the ride she always mows me down on the run.  We caught up to April and Anna up the hills out the back of Hawea.  Simone had passed me but i cheekily passed her back in the big ring up the hill.  It was short lived as she motored past me again with the tail wind surging us along.  The windier it got the further i seemed to be getting away from the girls behind.  The wind was brutal with the cross winds especially.  Around 80-90km i realised Gina had pulled out and i was now in 4th place.  From here i couldn't see me getting any further up the field so i was determined to keep ahead of the girls behind and push until the end!
(Photo - Steph, Witsup.com)

My end was to come much sooner than i thought.  Around 135km i went through a wee dip in the road and immediately thought my back tyre had gone down.  I kept riding for about a km then realised it was going down quickly.  I hopped off and stayed calm until i pulled out my spare tube and saw it was an 80mm.  I had no idea how i had the wrong one.  Before i even put it on i knew that the valve would barely go through the hole as my back wheel was an 808.  I tried anyway, but when i tried to put the gas in it just went in to the atmosphere.  People yelled out that i was now in 3rd!  It didn't make sense to me but i hadn't realised that Simone had had a nasty crash.  Standing there waiting for a mechanic i felt helpless but i never had a thought of pulling out even after every other girl passed by while i was standing on the side of the road.  It seemed such a long time before the next girl behind me went past me on the side of the road which made it even more gut wrenching.  Had i had the right gear i would of changed it and been back riding without my position even changing.  Once the mechanics came and i realised none of their tubes would reach through either, nor would my valve extenders work on their tubes i started to realise my day might be over.  I couldn't believe it :(  Well over 30mins had passed by and there was nothing more the mechanics could do.  It was a slow trip back in the van to the finish line.

It was a very weird feeling putting the bike on the car and driving home.  My body didn't feel like it had just been racing all morning.  Watching the girls head out on the run and wishing so much that i had been able to go out and run the marathon.  Even though i was out of the race i had to try and be grateful that it was only a mechanical that made me DNF.  Poor Simone and Alyssa both ended up in hospital as a result of their crashes.

(Photo - Hillary, Smashfest Queen)

What came next was having to explain to everyone what happened.  Having to tell my sad tale over and over that i stupidly grabbed the wrong spare tube and it wasn't long enough.  My day was over because of a $10 tube.  Its a hard pill to swallow but one that has to be done so that i can move forward and prepare for the next race :)
One thing people kept saying to me was don't worry "its just a race".  It honestly wasn't though
- Challenge Wanaka was my first iron distance race, this year was the 10th anniversary and it was my first ironman back after having Anja 5months ago
- It was a race that for the last 2months i had been training hard for and putting all of my energy towards
- It was many hours of dragging Anja out running with me, finding people to look after her, and many times having to say goodbye to her when i headed out the door training
- It was also the reason i made Glen take time off work every week so that i could get a longish ride in, and many other times the staff putting up with her at his work
I am so grateful to all the Sponsors, supporters, friends and family that helped with getting me to the start line of Challenge Wanaka.  It will never be forgotten as to me it was never just a race and i will be back :)
To all my friends and family that helped look after Anja, and accommodate Glen, Anja and i both over summer and during Challenge Wanaka i am forever grateful.

To Victoria and her team at Challenge Wanaka, thank you SO much for welcoming me back.  It is truly my favorite race of all time.  Those who say its tough and slow need to harden up.  Its a spectacular course :)  I loved every moment i was out there and was very envious of those who got to finish at whatever hour they did.

Steph at Witsup.  You do an amazing job for promoting women and triathlon.  Was great seeing you out there.  Thanks for the snaps :)

Huge thank you to my sponsors
My primary partner sponsor NEW WORLD DUNEDIN CENTRAL (CENTRE CITY)

Cycleworld Dunedin
Profile Design
Smashfest Queen
Kinetic Health
Aloe Up Sun and Skincare

and supporters
Specialized, Blue Seventy, New Balance and GU energy

Also to Keegan at Vo2coach

These businesses allow me to continue doing what i love.  Always grateful.

Now to plan for the next one…and remember to ALWAYS double check my gear!


Friday, October 30, 2015

6weeks with Anja and an exciting new sponsor. Welcome SMASHFEST QUEEN :)

Well its over 6weeks now since Anja was born and wow has she changed our lives :)  Pregnancy and labour was definitely not a walk in the park but its all worth it in the end.  It is true that no matter how painful their entry is you soon do forget all about it!
I won't go on and on about the labour but it didn't go how i imagined.  People say if the pregnancy is hard the labour will be a walk in the park.  Well it wasn't.  I have learnt that you just need to go with the flow with these things.  I had all these ideas about what i wanted, drug free etc but it wasn't meant to be.  Heading in to the labour i knew it wasn't going to be smooth sailing.  With a cracked rib i was already in a bit of pain, also absolutely exhausted from 2months of illness prior.  But she was coming out one way or another.
Within 30minutes of them breaking my waters things were really starting to ramp up, something odd happened and my contractions were non stop!  This I'm told is by no means normal and meant no chance to have a wander around, or take a chance to relax, recover, or just plain and simple not be in pain!  Without me even asking for drugs it was obvious they were needed.  Before i knew it they had called the anesthetist and he was busy trying to tell me to sit still so they could give me an epidural.  The problem was i was in so much pain i couldn't do anything anyone was asking of me.  It truly felt like my insides were splitting.  I remember Glen trying to hold me up and me vomiting.  As you can imagine its hard to remain completely still when you are vomiting haha.  Anyway eventually the epidural was able to be put in and i could somewhat relax.  I was started on the lowest dose so that i could still feel everything and know when to push etc.  What seemed like would be a quick labour because of the intense non stop contractions ended up around 10hours.
Anja had a rough time on her way out also.  She was very stuck.  They had to use a suction cup and even then when her head was out (which i was sure they must of pulled off) her body wouldn't follow. After what felt like a lifetime she was yanked out and rushed away, so no contact time for me :(  She wasn't making a lot of noise and so was rushed off to NICU.  She needed to be put on a machine to help her breath, as well as antibiotics and a drip.  It was a very strange sad feeling being left in a room without your baby who was finally out but not with you.  About an hour later i was wheeled to NICU in my bed and allowed to stick my hand through the incubator to touch her.  To be honest i was feeling pretty worn out and sick and don't remember much other than seeing my poor wee Anja looking terrible.  The doctors told me she was completely fine but it didn't look like it.

The next week was very long with the first two nights spent back and fourth from my lonely bed in the maternity ward to down in NICU seeing Anja, then she was allowed back with me but kept on a bili blanket for her jaundice.  After yet another week in hospital to add to my earlier stints we were definitely ready to come home.

Since she has been home she's been very ill with reflux, so the day is spent feeding, cleaning spew then re feeding to make up for what she's lost.  She has such a strong wee personality though and even though i have spent the better part of 6weeks up most of the night with her, holding her upright she is such a chilled baby always going with the flow.

On to the triathlon side of things.  Its been a bit tricky to get back in to training like i wanted as she started off not eating well (but having her tongue tie snipped fixed all that), and she doesn't sleep too well as her belly is always sore.  There is no place i would rather be though than making sure she is ok. Its amazing how fast the days go and how little sleep you can function on when its simply what you have to do!  I do manage to get around 5hours a week done at the moment though and as she improves that will increase.

Now on to some VERY exciting news.  I have a new sponsor coming onboard this season.  I would like to welcome SMASHFEST QUEEN. www.smashfestqueen.com
They are sponsoring my training and race apparel.  The brand is designed and owned by Hillary Biscay (ironman and ultra ironman champion, as well as finishing over 60 ironmans) and Michele Landry (also an ironman finisher and endurance fanatic, as well as a brand new mum :) )They are based in the US.  I first started wearing Smashfest Queen in 2014 and absolutely loved it.  Its really comfortable and fun to wear.  Not like a lot of the boring plain stuff you see these days.  I get so many people commenting on it when i race.  I am looking forward to continuing to train and race in their gear as well as checking out their causal wear.  Hopefully i will see more and more athletes wearing Smashfest Queen in New Zealand supporting the brand.  Dont assume its just for the girls as there is a really cool mens range out as well, and now some items for the small people in your lives so Anja is going to look very stylish.  Check out their website.

I have some big goals about getting back in to training and racing this summer so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I think I'm going to just have to cruise with the motto "take each day as it comes".

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trying to remain active while Pregnant! The ugly truth...

Sitting here over 35weeks pregnant i realize the fact that it has been a VERY long time since i posted anything.  My last post was in October last year following Challenge Weymouth.  I had started off my summer 2014/2015 training well with a few of my favorite events through out December and start of January with some great results but early January i found out that i was around a month pregnant.  Everything as i knew it was about to change.  I definitely had a false expectation of what the upcoming 9months would be like.  I had in my mind and especially after reading several pregnant triathletes blogs that i was going to remain fairly active through out being able to swim bike and run.  At a more leisurely pace of course but that exercise in some form would still be a part of my daily routine.  Oh how wrong was i!

Once i found out i was pregnant i immediately got back in to full time work to save for the upcoming bubs.  The change from training outside a lot to being inside most of the day standing on my feet working took its toll.  But i think i was still getting in around 3-5hours training a week in those first few weeks and feeling great.

I then got hit by morning sickness.  Which as many of you probably know can be more like all day sickness :)  For basically 6 weeks all day every day i spent the hours curled up on the sofa or in bed.  My fitness totally went out the window at this stage.  Once that ended i tried to get back in to a little bit of exercise but it added to nothing much.  As the days got shorter i was only really able to jog or swim either side of work if i had the energy which ended up being maybe 2-3times a week for maybe 30mins.  I didn't fancy trying to ride my bike in the cold and dark plus it seemed to be very uncomfortable, even on the wind trainer.  I think the last time i got out on my road bike was March!

Looking forward to getting back out riding in Central Otago again :)

Next up after the morning sickness i started getting really bad headaches and dizzy spells at work.  Who knows whether it was standing for 8hrs a day on the hard concrete floors at the pool, the chlorine or the heat!  Its actually a great place to be working in the middle of winter as its so nice and hot but with the pregnancy it wasn't agreeing with me.
Lucky just around the corner was a trip to Europe with Glen for 4weeks.  This 4weeks at the end of my 2nd, start of 3rd trimester was probably the best i have felt through out the pregnancy.  It was relaxing and i was able to get in a few jogs, swims and MTB rides.

Since I've been back home for the last 4weeks i have been really crook in and out of hospital, doctors, midwife appointments with chest infections, pulled muscles in back and tummy and now the past week some weird reflux thing where i spend a lot of the time running to the toilet!  All you can do is laugh though through this whole process.  On the funny side we just had our bathroom renovated and the edge of the bath is the perfect height and distance away from the toilet to sit on when your head is down the loo.

Today was a big win…after 4weeks of no exercise again i managed to go for a 30minute aqua jog with my sister.  Its crazy how something so simple like this can make you feel human again.  Having a really supportive family and partner makes all the difference.  Poor Glen still has to go to work all day after being awake most of the night listening to me.  I think we may actually get more sleep once the baby arrives :)

It is after all only 9months of your life and at the end of it you get this cool new wee human to hang out with.  Its made me realise just how much i love and miss exercising.  Although staying active during my pregnancy hasn't really worked for me i have learned to accept the fact that everyone is really different.  I have huge motivation to get back in to training and racing this summer and all the new challenges i will face with having to fit around our baby.

Exciting times ahead.  Watch this space.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Challenge Weymouth 3weeks post race!

After a two week break from training extended by another week with being crook i am really looking forward to getting stuck in summer racing in New Zealand.

First just a brief review of my race at Challenge Weymouth.  After Ironman Copenhagen my plans changed from flying straight home to adding one more race to the trip so off to the UK i went.  I had a blast in London for a week with my great mate Sara and then went 10days staying in Portland getting ready for the race.
Race day really didn't plan out as i hoped it would.  I was feeling great and Copenhagen seemed nothing but a distant memory.  I definitely felt like the 3weeks between them was enough.  But in the end i struggled all day with a sore lower back finishing in 5th place in a race i thought i could of been more competitive.

Race morning was very windy with the sea looking very rough causing the swim to be shortened to a 1900m 2lap course.  I am pretty sure i like many others would of been out there for a lot further than that as i ended up washed up down shore both laps!  It was an amusing swim though.  On to the bike i was feeling great and got up to speed catching a couple of girls very early on in the first couple of kms. Once i hit only 10km though i suddenly started getting a really sore lower back.  I couple of times i even got off the bike to try and stretch it but no matter what i did it wasn't going away.  It then started radiated down my legs and i felt as though i had no power at all.  I spent most of the ride feeling sorry for myself that i couldn't hammer the bike like i had been looking forward to. Especially on the hilly course.  I groveled my way around, many times wanting to pull out but somehow got myself to transition 2.

The run wasn't any better which i was pretty sad about as i haven't yet been able to put my legs together on the run.  The pain was getting so bad that when i had to make a toilet stop i was pretty much lying down in the port-a-loo and thought i was going to have to kick the door open to ask for a hand back up!   There was nothing i could do but have a chuckle and get to the finish line.

Well done to the girls on the podium.  They deserved to be there.  Not much more else to say about the race other than:
If you are going to race pro don't get one of your supporters to ride around the bike course with you.  It was surely noted by more than just me and its such bad form aka cheating!  I would say that probably applies to everyone no matter what category you enter in.

A massive thank you to Patrick and Rachel for hosting me in Portland.  Was a great wee place to set up for a few days training and get ready for the race.

A few weeks now to get back in to the swing of things and get ready for the next race.

Thanks to
Aloe Up Sun and Skincare
Nathan Performance Gear
For your continued support.
Check these guys out.  They really know their stuff!